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‘In 2019 I created Happier Hearts Care with the intention of being a recruitment agency within the health care sector in North London. However, after a while I decided this was not the business I wanted, I did not feel totally satisfied with the business plan or the end result.

With the intention of helping more people on a more personal level, I decided to redesign the business and instead provide domestic services to individuals within their own home with the plan being to eventually provide these services commercially, to like-minded businesses who support their local community in some way.

I wanted to make a difference and make sure everyone felt counted, so in addition to our paid services, I also offer a free weekly companionship/chaperone service to those who meet the criteria.

I moved the business to Hertfordshire in 2020 and am currently providing my services to most areas within Hertfordshire and London.

I set up Happier Hearts Care as a transparent, small, family run business, with the sole mission to ‘help those who need it’. I have professional and personal experience within the industry, and therefore understand the importance of a happy home.’

  • Katie Brown-Nelson (Happier Hearts Care Director and Service Provider)

We are fully Certified. To view our certification please 

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