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Happier Hearts Care recruit qualified nurses, carers and cleaners to work within the healthcare industry, however, when it comes to using agency workers, many clients can be a bit hesitant and quite weary about letting someone, they have not vetted themselves, into their establishment of care. We at Happier Hearts Care understand this and strive to make sure that our recruitment process is thorough, detailed, and diligently processed. This allows us to assure you that the staff we can provide you, do not only have the required level of training and experience in abundance, but also fit into your team seamlessly.

From previous experience, we know the importance of individuals feeling safe and having a bond with their carer which is why we always strive to get to know your company ethos and values, so we can provide regular staff members that fit in as though they have been there all along.

At Happier Hearts Care we try to be as flexible as we can when providing you with staff, as we know circumstances are always changing. We will always make it our priority to keep in touch with you on a regular basis, as often as required, so that we can make sure your needs are being met. This leaves you to focus on keeping your residents safe and happy. We also provide feedback forms to both our staff and clients on a regular basis to ensure maximum working relations.

We can offer long or short-term cover for when your staff members need a holiday, or any unexpected circumstance that may leave you short-handed. We also thrive on providing an emergency contact number in case a member of your staff falls ill or cannot make their shift for any reason and you need us to step in and help.

Our main aim, however, is for you to have a long-term contract with us. Our goal is to ensure from the moment we start working together we can continually provide you with a trustworthy and hard-working service.

Whichever type of cover it is you require, we at Happier Hearts Care are here to bring you a service at competitive rates as well us unrivalled quality. With an emphasis on loyalty, communication, and professionalism, we believe we could be the right fit for your healthcare employment needs.

Clients: Welcome
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