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I set up Happier Hearts Care with one main intention – to help those who need it by providing a superior level of care and service. First-hand experience within numerous industries has shown me how important it is to bring both experience and qualifications to the role. Too many times an inadequate service is provided, or the wrong people are hired, so I am DBS checked, can provide numerous references, and have all required certification and experience to provide a quality service I can be proud of.

I fully vet any individuals that become part of the Happier Hearts Care team and ensure to DBS check each individual and contact at least two of their references. I ensure that all staff hired by Happier Hearts Care possess the relevant experience and qualifications required for the role, and monitor this on a regular basis, with regular feedback from the customer.

Happier Hearts Care will always undertake an assessment of your needs prior to providing any services. This is to ensure we can not only meet, but hopefully exceed your expectations. Happier Hearts Care staff hold a waste carrier license, will bring along all required cleaning equipment and supplies, and will always arrive in full Happier Hearts Care uniform, with ID badges, so we can be easily identified before you open the door.

Happier Hearts Care are fully insured to complete all the services on offer, as your home is your safe space, and I more than anyone am aware of this, which is why Happier Hearts Care embrace that ‘a happier home leads to a happier heart’.

The domestic services provided are detailed below, however I am more than happy to discuss any domestic needs that may not be listed here, so please do not hesitate to contact me.

Domestic Services:                          Includes but not limited to;                                


General Garden Maintenance:             Lawn Mowing

                                                       Care/Maintenance of flowerbeds/Shrubs

                                                       Small Hedge and Bush trimming

                                                       Basic weed Removal


                                                       Patio, Driveway, Paving Stones, Decking Jet Wash/cleaning

Dog Walking/Sitting:                          Group Walks

                                                       Solo Walks

                                                       In-house sitting, brushing, feeding, log completion (if required)

Washing/Ironing Service:                   Per load - wash, iron, fold and return (free delivery)

Weekly/One-off Clean                        Dusting



                                                       Light Carpet Cleaning

                                                       Oven and Hob Cleaning

                                                       Housekeeping and Tidying

                                                       Bed Changes


                                                       Skirting Boards


                                                       Cobweb removal

                                                       Ornaments cleaned (if reachable)

                                                       Surface clean on worktops, units, cupboards

                                                       Fridge/freezer clean

                                                       Bathroom clean - toilet, shower, bath

                                                       Light wipe on all doors

                                                       Inside windows (if reachable)

Deep Cleaning:                                  All as above but a more thorough clean

                                                       Inside Cupboards/kitchen appliances

Meal Preparation:                              Preparing Basic Meals for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner (Per Day/Per Week)

Cooking:                                           Basic in-house cooking of Meals and Drinks

Clients: Welcome
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