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We at Happier Hearts Care understand that anyone of any age can struggle for numerous different reasons, and we hate that so many people struggle daily with no one to reach out to. Sometimes it is hard to go about a normal day due to mental health, or mobility issues, or if you live alone, or spend most of your time on your own, sometimes you long for some company, a friendly chat, or even help with a hobby you enjoy.

Happier Hearts Care proudly offer a free one-hour weekly chaperone/companionship service to help those who need us. If you meet the below criteria, our volunteers can accompany you to appointments and events, provide shopping assistance or support you with your hobbies and interests. As part of this voluntary service we also offer weekly phone calls or home visits which can be adapted to each individual, such as being read to, learning new skills such as IT, or playing cards and board games.

  • Do you live alone, or spend most of your time on your own?

  • Does your mobility or mental health mean you struggle to go out/attend appointments alone?

  • Do you feel lonely and want someone to talk to on the phone or to visit you in person for a friendly chat or a cup of tea?

  • Do you want to learn new skills or just play a few card/board games with someone?

Clients: Welcome
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